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Please read before filling out the enrollment form:

As a Haled Care examiner, you are considered an independent contractor, reported on form 1099-NEC. This means that we will not withhold any taxes from your pay. 

You will receive a minimum of $35 per completed appointment. Each appointment will take approximately 20 to 60 minutes depending on your level of expertise. You will always be informed of the pay rate prior to accepting an appointment.

Haled Care will provide you with exam kits containing all the materials you need prior to your appointments. Most appointments you complete will involve blood collection using a tiger top and a lavender top. Depending on the test kit, you may have to pour off the plasma after centrifuging the blood. 

Most exams will also require you to take the patient's height, weight and blood pressure and complete other standard procedures such as urine collection. Please note that during every appointment you will be responsible for completing a patient paramed form, a document that gathers the patient’s medical history and current medications.

We are still in the process of building our examiner network, with active recruitment occurring in 47 states (excluding Hawaii, California and Nevada). This is why our onboarding process may seem slow-paced at times. Every applicant must be thoroughly vetted to ensure the network we build contains the most highly qualified, trustworthy health professionals. We feel incredibly confident in the network we’ve built thus far and will continue to be deliberate in our expansion.

If you encounter any challenges during the onboarding process, please do not hesitate to contact Nurse Network Director Mandy O’Rear at mandy@haled.com for further assistance.

Thank you again for considering Haled Care. We look forward to working with you!