Join the Haled Phlebotomist Network

Joining Haled means opting in to a modern mobile network of nurses and phlebotomists who make their own schedules free of minimum or maximum commitments.

Why join our network?

Easy, At-Home Appointments

At Haled, our innovative digital healthcare platform delivers time-saving solutions right to a patient’s doorstep. That’s where you come in, fulfilling in-home appointments near you on our easy-to-use mobile app.

Flexible Scheduling

With our intuitive mobile app, you receive notifications every time a patient schedules an appointment within your predetermined driving radius. The more appointments accepted, the more patient interest will grow, which expands appointment opportunities near you!

Earn Money on Your Time

For every brief, in-home appointment completed, you earn $35, and patients earn a convenient, reliable way of completing at-home health tests. That gives you the potential to earn thousands of dollars per month working just one hour per day!

Provider Mobile App Appoinments

How Haled is changing healthcare

The past decade has brought the simplification, digitization, and home delivery of nearly all service industries – a massive feat amid increasingly fast-paced lifestyles. Yet as consumer habits have permanently shifted across most sectors, healthcare has remained complex, archaic, and primarily in-person. At Haled, we know health starts at home, and we believe healthcare should too. That’s why our on-demand healthcare platform was designed to provide an intuitive health technology solution. We take the hassle out of health testing by simplifying in-home appointments and providing patients with real bloodwork performed by certified medical professionals, CLIA-accredited lab results, and access to a physician immediately after results are received.

Work-life balance + flexible scheduling

Does your career ever feel misaligned with your fluctuating daily schedule? At Haled, we encourage flexible, individualized work schedules by enabling phlebotomists to complete appointments when they’re available; not when they’re “on the clock.” We believe when health professionals are able to maintain a comfortable work-life balance, their performance and overall happiness in their profession can reach new heights – a win-win for patients and professionals.

Haled Care Nurse providing care in patients home

Potential earnings

Here’s a breakdown of what you could earn as a Phlebotomist working in the Haled Network.

Per draw: $30+

Monthly: $2,400+

Yearly: $30,000+

With the potential to earn bonuses based on:

A self-sustaining healthcare ecosystem

Haled is creating a healthcare ecosystem where mobile technology, in-home health professionals, CLIA-accredited lab results, and physician follow-up availability combine to close the healthcare loop for patients seeking full-service solutions. At Haled, patients receive premium, professional care from our incredible phlebotomist network while you are rewarded for every appointment completed – all while retaining the flexibility to attend an after-school recital or a mid-day lunch date with friends.

Haled Care Mobile Examiner

Haled can provide

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