Join the virtual revolution.

Telehealth has gone mainstream, but is it too open-ended? With Haled, in-home health testing is integrated with virtual health appointments for a premium, full-circle healthcare experience accessible from any digital device.

Patient on Telehealth call from their mobile device

Close the Tele-Loop

For telehealth providers, end-to-end delivery is key to maintaining patient trust in virtual medicine. Haled’s nationwide network of mobile health examiners provides the critical first steps in virtual-meets-physical healthcare, delivering in-home health services with CLIA-accredited lab results patients can choose to discuss with a trusted telehealth physician. It’s a full-service health appointment ordered, administered, and evaluated all from the comfort of your couch.

Haled Consumer looking at their completed test from mobile device

Foster Accessibility

For patients, completing standard health check-ups can be more burdensome than routine. Add in a lack of available physicians, remote locations, disabilities, or the latest circulating strains of illness and it’s a task regularly sidelined for more easily attainable priorities. Haled cuts through the healthcare maze to create accessible appointment options available to patients from any digital device.

Tap to Confirm

For examiners, work-life balance lives at their fingertips with Haled’s user-friendly mobile app. When a customer appointment request is submitted, all examiners within a given radius are notified and can choose to accept the appointment with the touch of a button. It gives certified nurses and phlebotomists the freedom to work wherever, whenever while helping expand digital healthcare options in their own communities!

Haled Care Mobile Examiner Accepting an appointment from their car

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